Our SEO Process

SEO Process at SEO Engineer in Cochin, Kerala.

Our SEO Package includes the following critical SEO process to get your site to achieve Top Ranking in Organic Search result

Listed below are the details of what we do when we perform SEO on your website. You can use the details for evaluation of our SEO services.

SEO / Business Goals Questionnaire

The questionnaire helps us to better understand your business, web marketing goals and more to achieve the best SEO for your web site.

Web Site Evaluation

We evaluate your website and the relevant pages for Search Engine Optimization to take into consideration the main aspects such as: its user Interface, Structure, navigation, meta tags, page titles, content, hypertext links, body text, and much more "before" we perform any SEO on your site.

Competitor's Search Presence, Ranking Evaluation, Competitive Intelligence

A detailed exhaustive study is made of your major competitor's web sites; the key words they use, their meta tags, page titles, ranking across the major search engines and much, much more.

Extensive Broad / Targeted Keyword Research

Without question, this is one of the most important aspects of your search success. SEO Engineer uses powerful online tools to uncover the very best keywords and keyword phases to discover what searchers are typing into search engine query fields to find your kind of business, services and products. We deem this to be extremely important to your search success researching the very best "relevant" keywords to use, and the ones to steer clear of.

New Landing Page Recommendations

In some cases new landing page recommendations are made as well as suggestions to make current page file names and page titles much more "spider friendly".

Complete Meta Tag Optimization

For every page that is being optimized, SEO Engineer will adjust or write completely new page titles, meta tag descriptions, meta keywords, alt tags, body text (snippets) and point out the best use of internal hypertext links. This also includes the use of keyword proximity, density, use of italic and bolding of keyword text imbedded throughout the body text of each web page being optimized.

Directory Submission

SEO Engineer will submit your finalized optimized site web pages to the Open Directory Project in appropriate directory category. Open Directory Project is the web’s most important online directory database of web sites which is used by many top search engines for their organic search results.

Search Engine Submissions for Indexing (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask)

We will submit your SEO optimized pages to Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask indexes. Please note that these four major search engines (along with the Open Directory Project) feed dozens of other directories and search engines; these top search players are more than adequate for most web sites to be listed in.

Before, During, & After Client Web Site SEO Ranking Reports

Three ranking reports are provided to you. The first right after SEO is preformed on your web site, the second one and a half months after it has been submitted to the search engine indexes and directory and the last one three months after the submissions (total of three months). These valuable reports measure how your site and its pages are ranking over time and show where tweaks can be made to improve its position even more. As part of this service we will also keep an eye on the Dmoz Directory (see below) to learn if/when your listing has been posted.

Rank Monitoring (Google, Yahoo, Bing)

SEO Engineer will keep an eagle eye on your newly optimized pages and monitor them against the competition.

SEO Starter Package

Package Rate: ₹ 2000/- per month.

Targeted Keywords: 5

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SEO Web Design Combo Package

Package Rate: ₹ 25000/-

Number of HTML5 Pages: 5

Targeted Keywords: 5

SEO Period: 6 Months

1 Year Domain + Hosting Included

Design Type: Responsive Web Design

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, SEO Friendly

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SEO Basic Package

Package Rate: ₹ 4000/- per month.

Targeted Keywords: 10

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SEO Standard Package

Package Rate: ₹ 6000/- per month.

Targeted Keywords: 15

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PPC Starter Package

Package Rate: ₹ 2000/- Per Month

Number of Keywords: 5

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