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Local Search Engine Optimization Services.

Local SEO Services in Cochin, Kerala, IndiaSEO Engineer is the best local search engine optimization Company that provides local SEO services which focus on optimizing a website for a specific city, region, or for the locations of physical stores and shops. Local SEO company services operates with the goal to increase the search engine rankings for location based searches that are relevant to your company's products and/or services based on your location.

How is Local SEO different from Organic SEO?

The difference in local SEO is in the results. Customers looking for services in their area are more likely to do a search with a city name attached to it. Many search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are starting to include local search results or map displays with locations that display by relevance to the search. This brings the perfect opportunity for your company to display in the results.

Sometimes people are looking for more knowledge about your business. They may know the name, but want to find the phone number or address. Other times, they may know a certain type of enterprise, like a Yoga Studio for example, exists at a location, but need to discover the name. They may need to check operating hours, find driving directions, learn what brands are carried or discover what's on the menu or where to park. When people search for this kind of information, SEO helps the search engines provide it to them via the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Sometimes people are searching for the types of services you provide or the products you sell, but they don't necessarily have a specific company in mind. Local SEO helps the search engines find the businesses - including yours - that can best satisfy their needs and display listings for them in the SERPs. Our local SEO services very much help our clients to get good sales leads through local search.

SEO Web Design Combo Package

Package Rate: ₹ 25000/-

Number of HTML5 Pages: 5

Targeted Keywords: 5

SEO Period: 6 Months

1 Year Domain + Hosting Included

Design Type: Responsive Web Design

Desktop, Tablet, Mobile, SEO Friendly

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SEO Starter Package

Package Rate: ₹ 2000/- per month.

Targeted Keywords: 5

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SEO Basic Package

Package Rate: ₹ 4000/- per month.

Targeted Keywords: 10

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